About us

Archawood aims to save rare subfossil oak wood from disintegration by turning it into unique and irreproducible interior items. So even the generations that are yet to come will be able to admire its beauty.

Subfossil oak wood (also known as a bog oak or black oak) comes from remnants of huge trees of ancient floodplain forests that have remained preserved under the surface for thousands of years. They provide rare material that can be up to 10,000 years old. Nowadays, this wood occasionally appears above the earth. Subfossil oak is typically black stained.

Our products are made with a substantial proportion of high-quality hand working of the wood. We respect its natural shape. We don’t wish to remove the wood imperfections – on the contrary, its nature is what we want to unveil. The careful hand-crafting is reflected in the details of the products.

Each product we make comes with a certificate proving the age of the wood used based on dendrochronological and radiocarbon dating.